3 Strategies for Developing Funny Characters and also Amusing Spoofs

When composing a three to six-minute funny act to execute at church, institution or a few other organization, you require to move promptly into your plot as well as the theme of your spoof. There's little time for developing amusing personalities.

But if your target market doesn't have some level understanding of your funny characters, your funny spoofs will be boring as well as drab one-liners without depth or the emotion that develops dispute and also drives it meaningfully ahead.

Consequently, your target market needs some suggestion of where an amusing personality is originating from to recognize the motivation behind what they say and also do. So make use of these 3 methods to create amusing characters your audience relates to and also funny acts they'll enjoy.

Use Stereotypes to Develop Funny Characters

One of the most evident character that everyone already recognizes and understands in a funny spoof is the stereotype. The vain, female Diva, the stupid jock, the tricky person who hides in the darkness, the nerdy geek, the parsimonious accounting professional. As well as now that I have actually begun you off with a couple of for your comedy act, I make sure you can develop an extensive listing.

Stereotypes make amusing personalities because your target market comprehends the personality right now. The already know something of the character's inspiration and also factors behind what they state and do.

Overemphasize to the Max

Currently to make that stereotype dark memes character actually funny and also enhance the laughs, exaggerate them. And nerdy geek is so socially unpleasant he chats to computer systems like they're individuals.

People make fun of stereotypes because the amusing characters in your funny act are so overstated, they can not perhaps stand for anybody in the audience. Even though every person can probably consider somebody in the audience that is extremely well stood for in that funny character.

In one comedy skit I wrote as well as routed for a church prayer service entitled, Concentrated on Top priority three unhealthy country ladies enroll in a physical fitness class thinking it will certainly be a soothing time of very easy exercise. Rather, their individual instructor resembles an in your face, military drill sergeant that pushes them method beyond their assumptions and also comfort area.

Add Contrast to Funny Personalities and Situations

And also your amusing personalities shouldn't be either. Also your stereotyped characters can amaze your audience and also take your comedy act to a much deeper degree.

The easiest way to achieve this is by believing opposites.

The unpopular geek skateboards while paying attention to tough rock music. The stingy accountant feeds costs pet food to a stray dog that lives behind his office structure.

You can likewise match-up contrary personalities. This is the entire premise behind the odd couple. One individual is extremely tidy and organized and the various other man a complete slob.


When you drop your overstated, stereotyped personalities right into a scenario together, you develop instant conflict as well as the potential for wonderful funny skits.

What takes place when a liberal atheist and conservative evangelical interact for a common cause? A church relocates next door to a strip club? A crusty, negative old man adopts his innocent, faith-filled, eight year old grandchild who simply shed both of his parents?

By creating exaggerated, stereotyped personalities, adding contrast as well as combining them with opposite personalities right into different circumstances, you will certainly create amusing personalities with deepness as well as funny skits your target market values and also enjoys.

The most evident personality that everyone currently knows and also understands in a comedy spoof is the stereotype. Now to make that stereotype character really funny and raise the laughs, overemphasize them. And also your amusing personalities should not be either. Even your stereotypical characters can surprise your target market as well as take your funny act to a deeper level.

You can also match-up contrary personalities.